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The Third Moon: Innovation-Driven Digital Experiences and Creative Excellence.  At The Third Moon, we embark on a captivating journey driven by innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence. As a dynamic collective of forward-thinking individuals, we epitomize the spirit of a new era. Founded by visionary creatives and designers, we seamlessly fuse cutting-edge technology with captivating artistry, resulting in extraordinary digital experiences.

Since our establishment in 2014, we have revolutionised digital communication across diverse industries. Our creations transcend mere functionality, serving as gateways to limitless imagination and boundless possibilities. With each project, we push the boundaries, delivering exceptional quality and unmatched user experiences.

Experience a world where digital encounters surpass expectations. Discover a portal to the future, where innovation thrives and dreams come alive.


Our Services

The Third Moon: Transformative Digital Experiences through Technology and Creativity. At The Third Moon, we seamlessly blend technology and creativity to craft impactful digital experiences that resonate with audiences. Explore the frontiers of innovation as we push boundaries and challenge the status quo.


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Creative CGI

The Third Moon specialises in high-end technical 3D modeling, animation and rendering, with extensive experience producing content for a diverse range of sectors including automotive, engineering and TV.

Metaverse Solutions

The Third Moon excels in crafting engaging online experiences with expertise in web technologies. We deliver immersive interactivity and visually stunning content across web and mobile platforms. Immerse yourself in our Metaverse, where each click reveals extraordinary experiences in a transformative digital landscape. Our use of WebGL applications running on your servers eliminates expensive streaming costs. Whether it’s a factory, museum, car showroom, or gallery, each application is meticulously developed for a specific purpose and customised to cater to a unique target audience.

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Virtual Reality​

At The Third Moon, we leverage the capabilities of Virtual Reality technologies to craft immersive experiences. By harnessing the tremendous potential of Virtual Reality, we aim to captivate your senses and unfold a realm of boundless possibilities.

Interactive WebGL Experiences

Leveraging advanced web technologies such as WebGL and HTML5, we design compelling product web experiences. These technologies enable users to intuitively interact and learn virtually, all while being hosted on the client’s servers for an always-on service that does not require any additional fees.

The Third Moon - Interactive Virtual Product Visualiser

Product Configurators

We seamlessly blend bespoke products with personalised solutions, catering to users’ desires for customisation. Our product configurators have been meticulously optimised for diverse devices, guaranteeing a cohesive brand presence online. Through the utilisation of the latest  technologies, we achieve exceptional performance and quality standards.

Digital Human Brand Ambassadors

By leveraging machine learning, sophisticated computer-generated imagery (CGI), and conversational AI, it becomes feasible to develop a fully interactive, profoundly captivating AI-driven digital brand representative — someone who engages in dialogue with individuals rather than delivering monologues to them.

Augmented Reality

We specialise in creating customised AR mobile apps and WebAR solutions designed specifically for your industry. Our primary focus is on developing meticulously tailored augmented reality (AR) solutions that address the unique requirements of each sector.

Games & Gamification

We seamlessly integrate gamification marketing across different sectors, such as trade shows, retail, and corporate settings. Leveraging advanced technologies, we specialise in crafting engaging gamified experiences. Our method not only guarantees effective communication of your message but also seeks to delight your audience and maintain their active involvement.


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