We love to create experiences that challenge the medium with a strong focus on visuals, user experience and elegance in presentation.

About Us

The team here at The Third Moon consider ourselves a new generation that is open, uncomplicated and 100% Digital.  Established by creatives and designers, our passion and desire to achieve the highest levels of quality and user experience on every project has become part of our DNA.


Our Services

From web and mobile experiences to retail applications, augmented reality and virtual reality – we design and develop digital experiences that make an impact.

Digital Retail Applications

Our digital retail tools innovate and delight shoppers.

Web Experiences & Product Configurators

Using web technologies such as WebGL or HTML5, we develop interactive web experiences.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Crafting premium AR & VR experiences for brands and build immersive products.

Metaverse Showroom Experiences

We develop online experiences for web, mobile, and on-site installations that allow captivating interactivity through the use of the latest web technologies such as WebGL and various frameworks.

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